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About Us

Are you tired of Security Companies sending a “Warm Body” in an oversized uniform with no attention to detail of the uniform?

HSPS Special Operations is one of the leading security providers in the country

We have seen security look unprofessional too many times. The uniforms are sloppy, and the officers aren’t well-groomed. Our image is YOUR image. That’s something we do not take lightly. Our officers are sent to have their uniforms sized, creases in the pants, and boots shined. If an officer looks the part, most situations take care of themselves—this is a proven fact. We provide our officers with Duty Belts and a very beautiful badge of their own—something they can take pride in.

Stop wasting your money on unskilled, unprofessional security. Choose HSPS Special Operations for Armed Officers, Skilled Unarmed Officers, or Off-Duty Officers. Once you hire HSPS Special Operations, you’ll quickly see the changes on your property. Criminals simply don’t want to be there anymore.

  • Available 24/7
  • Experienced professionals
  • Competitive negotiable rates
  • Customized security solutions
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Maximize your security

Customized security solutions to ensure maximum safety and protection

Why Choose Us

We aren’t a cookie-cutter security company. Our management staff is comprised of Off- Duty Officers. We bring over 30 years of combined law enforcement experience to evaluate your security needs and customize the perfect security plan. We aren’t going to throw some words down on a piece of paper and toss it in your mailbox.

HSPS Special Operations has computers in each cruiser. Officers are required to do lengthy Activity Reports of each patrol, including pictures and videos. Also, GPS markers will be placed on your property: each officer must scan them throughout the night. HSPS Special Operations will be sure to get the job right. Let us assure you HSPS Special Operations takes extreme pride in its work. We care about our brand. We care about you.
  • Experienced and trained security professionals
  • Focused on you
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Live communication/instant response
  • 24/7 availability
  • Detailed reporting with pictures and videos
  • GPS QR Code scans placed on your property to ensure rounds are conducted
  • Directed Patrols: Driving near the property with emergency lights activated to deter criminal activity
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We serve a range of industries, including banks, hospitals, commercial, and retail stores

The leading security service provider—serving the community for decades
We have a team of highly trained Armed and Unarmed Security Officers and Off-Duty Officers who provide reliable and trusted security services to our clients. We integrate our security measures with your policies to offer the best and safest experience.
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Leverage our years of expertise and experience in the security industry to secure your property

Leave the safety and protection of your property to us. Our professional officers provide unparalleled security services. Our staff is highly trained and licensed and undergoes an extensive screening process. Rest assured you’re getting the best service available. Our security professionals are handpicked and trained on site-specific protocols to guarantee maximum protection.