HSPS Special Operations

Corporate Office: 513-821- HSPS (4777)


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Home and Business Security Solutions

Our house isn’t only a place; it’s the place

24/7 Tip Line Service(Real Person)

Report suspicious activity by calling our company. If there’s an emergency, call 911.

Crowd Control

Hire our team of highly trained event crowd control experts to avoid safety hazards.

Visitor Logs

Improve your security with visitors and vehicle movement recorded by our team.

Vacation Checks

Our security professionals will stop by to check for damage or suspicious circumstances.

Patrol Stops

Our security officers conduct foot patrols to watch for safety hazards.

24/7 Asset Protection

Our security professionals keep your valuables protected from damage.

Armed/Unarmed Officers

We have both armed and unarmed security officers for safety and protection.

Executive Protection

We ensure maximum security through planning, vigilance, and professionalism.

Alarm Response

Swift response to emergencies to mitigate security risks.

Apartment Complexes

Privacy, protection, and security for your community members.

Private Patrols

Add value to your business complex by using our security services.

Bike Patrol

At HSPS Special Operations, we understand the importance of your business and, therefore, offer you all the opportunities to keep it safe and secure.

Concierge or Lobby Officers

HSPS Special Operations offers motivated and knowledgeable concierge or lobby officers.

Construction Security

Vandalism and theft are common in the US, especially within construction sites.

Monitor Cameras

Monitoring cameras can be installed anywhere and stream video in real-time.

Plain Clothes

At HSPS Special Operations, we deploy both plain-clothed and uniformed guards.

Safety Plans

At HSPS Special Operations, we have years of experience developing foolproof safety plans.

Security Consultation Services

HSPS Special Operations can help you create a safe and secure environment.

ATM Watch

Located on various corners of the street and commercial areas like malls, banks, and schools.

Fire Watch

There’s so much that a fire can cause, from property damage to asset loss to casualties.

Pool Watch

Pools can be an inviting feature at any facility, but they can also be a security loophole. Keep watch with a pool watch.


An SRO or School Resource Officer helps the school administration guarantee a caring environment.

Workplace Violence Response Planning

The initial line of defense to combat workplace violence.

Traffic Control

We’re a leader in traffic control services and have the technology and expertise to ensure successful operation.

Government Federal Officers

Hire a government federal officer for state-level security.

Our security services ensure your facility remains safe and protected

We provide reliable security services at competitive rates. Whether you need short-term security coverage or long-term dedicated staffing for your building or facility, you can rely on our professional services to guarantee top-level protection and security. We go above and beyond to ensure you get the right person for the right job.​Our security professionals are trained in:
  • High-end customer service
  • Special access control procedures
  • Special fire panel programs